What we do at Luxury Bike Hotels and Small Bike Hotels

We are paying more and more attention to the world of bicycles. In the last years, thanks to healthy, economic and life-style factors, the attitude toward this activity has considerably increased.
LUXURY BIKE HOTEL and SMALL BIKE HOTEL are the collection of the best luxury bike friendly hotels, that offer their guests the possibility of unique experiences and the amusement of a bike travel in direct contact with nature, culture and landscape.
LBH and SBH are a specialized and distinguished portal selecting the best hotels with a particular attention to the personality and the wishes of bikers, giving addresses, sparks and ideas for an eco-friendly tourism.
In Luxury Bike Hotel (LBH) there are hotels offering their guests luxury services.
In Small Bike Hotel (SBH) there are small structures with familiar management offering bikers high level services.
We are the first, who have registered them.


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Ride in the Beauty

“Ride in the beauty” is the motto we have created to mean the luxury hotels with clear hospitality and service standards, culinary proposal and courtesy for the wellness of guests who love bicycles and prefer the so-called slow tourism, experiencing the quiet and stillness that only cycle paths, mountain bike’s ways and white not-congested roads can offer.
There are some hidden pearls waiting to be discovered (and remain untouched) and there are also luxury hotels and country resorts for bikers loving nature and beauty.
Between demand and offer we find the Luxury Bike Hotels and Small Bike Hotels offering these services off season too. A perfect union of two concepts in one unique product: a bicycle travel with a hotel committing to this philosophy.
We have made a brand of it.