La Bici della felicità: how cycling can change your life

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La Bici della felicità: how cycling can change your life

“La Bici della felicità” is a book written by Ludovica “Ladybici” Casellati, founder of Luxury Bike Hotels and of the online magazine Viagginbici.com.

This book, published by Sperling & Kupfer, is a practical guide dedicated both to those who ride a bike only occasionally and to the slightly more experienced cyclist, always looking for new routes to follow.

What is the relationship between bike and happiness? Basically, it’s simple: cycling can change the way you travel and live, improving your health, your mood and giving you a different gaze at what happens to you every day.La Bici della felicità: how cycling can change your life

Cyclosophy in a nutshellVia Traiana cycling route

The book, whose title is a pun in Italian (The ABC of happiness is the translation of the title, or, if you prefer, the bike of happiness) explains what are the best ways to approach cycling, described as a means of transport democratic, healthy and a symbol of freedom.

In the book there are some chapters focused on “ciclosofia”, a series of tips aimed at those who want to change their own lifestyle with biking or are looking for suggestions for the most common situations that can happen to a cyclist. The author’s passion, in fact, comes from a trip to France, along the route of the Castles of the Loire Valley.

That trip, done with family and with a child, made her discover the uniqueness of this experience and the happiness that everyone can feel thanks to cycling.

Since then, she has never left her bike, following the most suggestive itineraries for cyclists, even in Italy.

The book includes many thoughts gained during these journeys, illustrating the advantages of cycling in many ways: in the 12 chapters Casellati talks about biciterapia, or how it is possible to feel better (even finding your own inner balance) thanks to the bike; there are so many tips on how to prepare for a trip by bike; this book even explains the technological evolution of the bicycle and shows the suggested itineraries suitable for everyone.

Why choose to travel by bike?

Bike is happiness

Many people think that traveling by bike is tiring and that it’s essential to be well trained: in reality it is not so, and this book also explains this.

“Nobody imposes speed on you: your legs give you the rhythm because you are the motor of the bike – says Casellati -” And this isn’t an uncomfortable journey, because you can rely on tour operators and hotels that make everything very comfortable: they offer equipment, guides, staff that takes your bags from one stage to another. So you just have to enjoy the ride and the scenery ”.Bike paths with family in Italy

Moreover, Luxury Bike Hotels collection is here just for you: now it’s possible to enjoy a bike friendly holiday with all the comforts, thanks to the hotels that offer excellent services reserved for cyclists.

With “La Bici della Felicità” you will find the motivation and inspiration for your next cycling holiday.

Watch the interview to Ludovica Casellati:

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