The 5 best tips for cycling in winter in cold weather

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The 5 best tips for cycling in winter in cold weather

It is not true that in winter we cannot ride a  bike, we just need to keep in mind to wear a specific kind of clothe and that the roads might be  more slippery or, at worst, icy.

Each season has its own charm but requires different precautions, such as dressing smart and maybe using wider tires.

‘But riding in cold weather is also a mental issue as well as a physical one, so it must be a pleasure to ride otherwise it is better not to do it.’ Words from our interview to the Extreme Ultacyclist Omar di Felice .

For those wishing to do so here are 5 tips to hold on:

  1.  Fundamental is the clothing, especially the thermal underwear that acts as the first layer of insulation. It is like a second skin. Many brands make them in merino wool. Thickness does not equal to the level of heat, do not forget it.
  2.  The hands are one of the most delicate points in cold rides, even here it is better to use a merino wool under glove and a glove with good thermal insulation.
  3.  To keep your legs and feet warm it is better  to use a thermal tights and shoe covers, a good winter sock and a winter thermal shoe are enough.
  4.  Always carry a good windproof or rainproof jacket with you, and a replacement for your balaclava.
  5.  Try not to sweat too much as this can hurt you.

If the ground is wet and you don’t want to get dirty, use a bicycle with mudguards.

And also If you want to protect the bike from the dirt of the roughest terrain, you can wipe the frame with a veil of polish, it will remain protected from water and mud and will be easier to clean it later on.

If you really are chilly and nothing warms you, there are warming creams for the leg muscles on the market, which can also be spread on the hips and back.

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