Sustainable mobility, the bicycle protagonists of the slow revolution

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Sustainable mobility, the bicycle protagonists of the slow revolution

We often use the word “revolution” with a negative meaning, instead we should think of a positive revolution, implemented to obtain a more livable future, one allows us to live in harmony with nature, without forgetting progress, getting help from it to live more sustainably. A dream that isn’t so unlikely to come true, on the
contrary it has already begun and is concrete every time we ride a bike. Because the bicycle is the real protagonist, though not the only one in this now indispensable sustainable and green revolution.

Sustainable mobility

Sustainable mobility was discussed in Padova at the end of April at “ECO – The Sustainable Mobility Festival”, the first of its kind in Italy, created with the aim of understanding, through data, numbers and scenarios, what is the point of the transition towards sustainable mobility in Italy, and to promote dialogue between
the main players in the field. This two-day event took stock of how the PNRR can affect the creation of greener mobility in urban areas and on which best practices at European level are to be retraced and which are the main challenges for local administrations, with a focus on three crucial nodes: infrastructure, mobility,
logistics. From ECO started an interlocution that must remain constant and coordinated in the future, to contribute to the diffusion of the culture of sustainable mobility as a fundamental element of daily practices.

Art of the good life

Then we must rediscover the art of good living, not only in the villages or small towns of which Italy is rich and where eco-sustainable practices are often more natural, but also in the big cities and in the metropolis where 55% of the population resides. Increasingly, people are calling for our cities to become “Cities of Good Living”, where positive slowness, circular economy, resilience, sustainability and culture, social justice, can and must be guiding principles to be supported. These are also the central themes of Cittaslow, the association that
brings together small towns and cities, founded in 1999 in Orvieto. The aim of the association, whose slogan is “innovation by tradition”, is to preserve the spirit of the community, passing on memory and knowledge to the new generations, to make them aware of their cultural heritage. But also to promote and apply technological, system and management innovation in favor of sustainability.
Let’s not forget another wealth of our territory such as the most beautiful villages in Italy Borghi più Belli d’Italia and the municipalities and villages that have received the recognition, for their tourist-environmental quality of Bandiere Arancioni from the Touring Club Italiano .

The bicycle and slow tourism

In this new way of understanding the world, travel and tourism, the bicycle and cycle tourism take center stage, offering an experiential vision of travel. Tourism by savoring each place slowly, moving with zero emissions, without polluting and immersing yourself in the reality you visit, without creating impacts on the environment but only on the soul of the tourist who can savor everything with more joy.
Sustainable development is therefore growth that respects the environment and natural resources, it is the recovery of traditions and zero-mile food, slow tourism and cycling, all of which are also the founding theme of the residences in the Luxury Bike Hotels collection, which are devoted to a more conscious and harmonious form of tourism, cleaner and more sustainable.

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