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In spring, cycling experiences multiply, and more importantly those that propose a cycling route in stages with tastings of the best food and wine products, and in Italy there are so many … In recent years, many tour operators have sprung up offering the bike and wine-tasting package, especially related to wines and cellar experiences. But not only wine, also oils and typical dishes, cooking workshops or harvesting the products [...]

2024 will be a year of cycling, great events and excitement. Each month will have many events for cycling enthusiasts who also like to engage in more or less competitive races, in challenges that are above all with themselves. We have collected here those that are now ‘classics’ among the events with bicycles, dedicating a month to each of them, appointments not to be missed either as participants or as [...]

The colors of autumn are unparalleled and make even the darkest and grayest days shine; then if there is some ray of sunshine that reflects on the colored beds of leaves, lights of a thousand colors explode. Riding a bicycle in this period is wonderful, perhaps you need an extra layer of clothing, you have to be careful on the slippery ground, but otherwise you can enjoy views of wonderful [...]

The adrenaline rush of racing, the fun of finding friends and celebrating after the competition, can you do it even in winter? It seems so given the success that cyclocross races have been having in recent years. Cyclocross is a perfect discipline to indulge the competitive spirits of cyclists in the cold season. This discipline then has the advantage of being contested in circumscribed areas such as different circuits, in [...]

Cesena will host the eighth edition of the Italian Green Road Award 2023 (Cycling Tourism Award),  the award that every year enshrines the best green cycle routes of the Italian regions that promote holidays on two wheels with services aimed at slow tourism. Cesena therefore becomes the focus of a weekend (1-4 June) dedicated at slow tourism. The city, home of the Malatesta Library, will organise a three-day event that [...]

2023 is the year of Bergamo and Brescia, chosen as Italian Capitals of Culture. It will be a year full of events, exhibitions and appointments for these two cities. This is an opportunity not to be missed to visit them by bicycle, in their historic center and in the surrounding area. Bergamo This city won the sixth edition of the Urban Award, an award for sustainable mobility organized by Viagginbici.com, [...]

Choices become important in complicated moments such as we are living now. And it is precisely in this stage that health and well-being must be our first priority. If you agree on these two foundamental priciples then you are ready to discover the world of Luxury Bike Hotels. We usually plan weekends and holidays searching for our deepest needs and for our preferred destinations: sea, country, mountain, city. But now, [...]

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