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February is quintessentially the month of lovers and we dedicate thi sarticle to all people who ‘love’. We suggest you give yourself a gift, with the one you love, a weekend in some hotel that will give you unique experiences, be they culinary, wellness, scenic, cultural, but above all cycling! So here are 6 itineraries to do by bike in as many romantic cities, all to be discovered on two [...]

Italians love Christmas markets, at this time of year they prefer both the mountains and cities of art as weekend destinations. Almost everyone in life has stopped at the Christmas markets near their home or the most famous ones in Italy. Some then do it as a habit, it is a ritual that allows you to better savor the spirit and magic of the holidays, but then they also really [...]

The colors of autumn are unparalleled and make even the darkest and grayest days shine; then if there is some ray of sunshine that reflects on the colored beds of leaves, lights of a thousand colors explode. Riding a bicycle in this period is wonderful, perhaps you need an extra layer of clothing, you have to be careful on the slippery ground, but otherwise you can enjoy views of wonderful [...]

If you really don’t feel like moving your car, there are several cycle routes to reach by train with your trusty two-wheeler. You can check rates and services on the Trenitalia website, meanwhile we’ll entice you with some gems. Aosta – Verrès: along the valley following the route of the Dora Baltea, 50 kilometers between castles, woods, vineyards. The only challenging stretch is the Saint Vincent climb. Chivasso – Ivrea: [...]

Are we in the mood for a bike ride during the remaining festive bridges and long week ends from August through December? Then here are some ideas to combine the desire for cycling, nature, art and beauty. Tuesday, Aug. 15 Closest of the bridges, the August bank vacation is quintessentially the “vacation” bridge. But not everyone is already on vacation and there are those who still want to unplug maybe [...]

There are many places to visit by bicycle in the Marche region, and also many good reasons for seeking them out. Let us start then with the Unesco World Heritage Sites: the historic centre of Urbino, an example of Renaissance architecture and art, has been a Unesco World Heritage Site since 1988; its Ducal Palace is the emblem of Federico da Montefeltro’s dream, who gathered here themain exponents of the [...]

We often use the word “revolution” with a negative meaning, instead we should think of a positive revolution, implemented to obtain a more livable future, one allows us to live in harmony with nature, without forgetting progress, getting help from it to live more sustainably. A dream that isn’t so unlikely to come true, on the contrary it has already begun and is concrete every time we ride a bike. [...]

It doesn’t matter what we like to spend a holiday or a weekend, sea, mountain, hill, lake, countryside or city, our mind immediately goes to which structures can satisfy the need to get our body and mind back in shape. One of the solutions we advise you to opt for is that of a stay that combines the bicycle which, as you know, is a formidable solution for giving well-being [...]

Red is the colour of fire and love, red is the colour of lovers and of Valentine’s Day. So we thought we’d poke around and find out what you can give as a gift for celebrating the 14th of February to someone you love, which is red and obviously dedicated to those who love bicycles. Let’s start with the bike. How about the De Rosa SK Pininfarina with a frame [...]

Is it the bicycle your travel friend, the partner to go to work, a love you never forget? Are you a cycling enthusiast or do you have some friends who are and don’t know what to get them for Christmas? So we give you some ideas where you can draw from … Bike Electric bikes are not only the must of the moment, but they allow you to do things [...]

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