How to become an ideal destination for cycle tourist: services, routes and infrastructures

How to become an ideal destination for cycle tourist: services, routes and infrastructures

Marenea Suite Hotel Salento, Puglia

It doesn’t matter what we like to spend a holiday or a weekend, sea, mountain, hill, lake, countryside or
city, our mind immediately goes to which structures can satisfy the need to get our body and mind back
in shape. One of the solutions we advise you to opt for is that of a stay that combines the bicycle which,
as you know, is a formidable solution for giving well-being to the body and mind, and a location that can
offer the services and pampering suitable for a cycle tourist.

What is a bike hotel

I think that by now there are few who do not know what a bike hotel is, but to review it, it is a hotel facility
equipped with essential services to allow a tourist to visit the surrounding area on the saddle of a bicycle.
To be a bike hotel, the structure must have a bike room with a minimum of equipment for bike
maintenance (with access limited to bike owners), or the possibility of bringing the bike into the room for
those who do not want to be separated even while sleeping. a quick laundry service for technical
clothing, a spa or the possibility of having decontracting massages, a rental service, also external, for
any type of bicycle, the availability of gpx routes or tracks for excursions, the flexibility to create menus
for cyclist-friendly breakfast, snack or dinner.


What is a Luxury Bike Hotels

These are structures that are able to fulfill and satisfy the needs of a cycle tourist by offering a “luxury”
service ready for every need. Starting with the transfer service from the station/airport to the hotel, the
possibility of bringing the bike with you or for those who do not want to bring it from home, the possibility
of renting it must be offered and a varied offer between racing bikes, mountain bikes and e-bikes. The
bike room is essential not only for storing the precious two wheels, but also for cleaning or fixing it in the
event of a breakdown. In fact, a self-respecting bike room must be equipped with a workbench with all
the necessary tools. Not only. A welcome solution, bathrooms available for changing and a laundry room
for washing your sportswear or even better a take-away laundry. Someone loves to travel alone, while
others want to enjoy the most beautiful and unusual points of the area that only those who live there
know, so being in contact with one or more local guides is essential in the case of a specific customer
request. A specific food treatment for those who welcome cyclists, such as calibrated breakfasts, packed
lunches and snacks for the return, preferably with local products, such as fruit and vegetables, or
homemade snacks that can also tell the story of the area. Or in the case of specific diets be able to
provide support to the guest.
There are some services that cannot be ignored, others that are in surplus and make a holiday an
unforgettable experience. In the Luxury Bike Hotels collection, the visit and inclusion of the structure
takes place after a global evaluation followed by the assignment of the “Wheels”, which correspond,
according to the number assigned, to the completeness of the services offered to the cycle tourist.

The bike as a source of business

We have learned to say “seasonal adjustment” because the cycle tourist does not wait for the Christmas
or mid-August holidays to travel, he is open to travel in all seasons. For those who are not equipped or
want to open up to this business perspective, we in the Luxury Bike Hotels collection have experts who
know how to welcome and explain why we offer tailor-made experiences for cyclists, offering support to
hotel owners and managers along the way entry into the world of cycle tourism. In fact, we know what
and how many the benefits of the bike economy are and how much the potential of cycling tourism brings
significant advantages for accommodation facilities. The path of flanking hotels is what suggests the right
modus operandi for this new trend, which is increasingly on the rise.

altarocca wine resort landscape
Altarocca Wine Resort Umbria, Orvieto

How to increase hotel guests

The suggestion is therefore to become a hotel or a structure suitable for welcoming the cyclist who is a
perfect tourist! Ecologically committed, attentive to the surrounding environment, willing to reinvest what
he saves for travel (fuel, tolls, car maintenance, etc.), in accommodation facilities, which take care of him
and pamper him with succulent culinary proposals , but balanced, or specially prepared comfort zones,
creating an induced and at the same time a virtuous circle of continuous dialogue with the surrounding environment that he loves and respects. The trend towards a healthy holiday is increasingly
consolidating and the best hotels are shaping their vision to the personalities and wishes of cyclists,
providing addresses, services and support, cues and ideas for sustainable tourism.


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