Getting back into shape: bike and spa the perfect match.

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Getting back into shape: bike and spa the perfect match.

Finding time for ourself and for those around us is not easy. 

Starting from ourself

But precisely for this reason starting from ourself becomes indispensable and it cannot be done without regaining physical and mental well-being. The bicycle becomes an irreplaceable ally for both of our goals. It is good for health and good for our mind. Pedaling in nature and disconnecting the plug gives us time to find the motivations for our future with enthusiasm. Thermal destinations are some of the few places where we are allowed to go in a period like this, and then the combination bike-thermals-pas is perfect for at least three reasons:

three reason to choose thermal bath

1. To reintegrate the lost fluids. Cycling makes the body spend a lot of fluids  in addition to drinking a lot, and above all, integrating with foods rich in magnesium, calcium, sodium potassium and zinc,  the integration in spas known for the properties of drinking water, can take place, with different results , even through the pores of the skin with hot baths based on sulphurous water and thermal water muds.


2. To recover the formation of lactic acid. Pedaling, especially uphill, is an intense aerobic activity and after the effort it is necessary to ensure that the liver recirculates the lactic acid for subsequent activities. Massages that eliminate metabolic waste, hot hydromassage and thermal mud are useful.

3. To relax the muscles and release tension. This is good for everyone, even for those who don’t pedal: abandon yourself gently in the waters of a thermal pool. The advice is to opt for a decontracting muscle massage. In order to increase the amount of blood in the legs we suggest a lymphatic drainage, the Kneipp treatment is also excellent, which with the passage of cold / hot water and vice versa facilitates vasodilation and vasoconstriction.

Some structures of  Luxury Bike Hotels Collection offer you the opportunity to combine the love of cycling and the benefits of spas (Adler Spa Resort Thermae, Terme di Saturnia Spa and Golf Resort, Posta Marcucci, Hotel Terme Bristol Buja, Hotel Bellavista Terme) .

An experience not to be missed.

Do you need another good reason to take a holiday and enjoy the Tuscany landscapes? 

Riding a bike with an exceptional guide such as Alberto Elli (professional cyclist who wore the Yellow Jersey of the Tour de France becoming Mr. 4 Times),  is the right occasion with the appointment “Ride and taste with the champion Alberto Elli”. 

During the week from February 28 to March 7,

Alberto will accompany you on five special bike tours to discover the beautiful Val d’Orcia, its enchanting landscapes and also its unique flavors. But not only that, he will also share the secrets of a cycling professional, and the aspects related to well-being suitable for everyone and for every day. In addition, this year the Strade Bianche (only for professionals) will be held on March 6, and to experience special emotions and unforgettable moments, the Adler Spa Resort Thermae in Bagno Vignoni will be the ideal starting point to go and see part of the exciting race.

For the event some Pirelli CYCL-e aroundTMe-bikes will also be available for the hotel guests: Stajvelo Montagel, a gravel e-bike perfect for white roads, and Stajvelo Nomades, a comfortable and stylish urban mode


The bike not to be missed

E – bikes are the new driving force of the bike economy, they are the equipment  that allow everyone to tackle any path and to enjoy every territory in a slow and not too tiring way. 

Even a multinational company such as Pirelli, which operates in the automotive sector as a tire manufacturer, has invested in the world of bicycles: starting with tires, it then also developed CYCL-e aroundTM, an electric bike rental service that last autumn the customers of Luxury Bike Hotels were able to try for free during the weeks of stay.


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