Mountain Biking Italy: 11 Spectacular Snow Trails for your Fat Bikes

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Mountain Biking Italy: 11 Spectacular Snow Trails for your Fat Bikes

Fat bikes are perfect for tiding and having fun on the snow, are like two-wheeled off-road vehicle.

So let’s go and discover three fairytale paths in the Veneto Dolomites, to return then to be pampered at the Cristallo Resort & Spa in Cortina other snow trails in South Tyrol for the guests of La Perla di Corvara and  the Adler Spa Resort Dolomiti of Ortisei.

We can use fat bikes to ride on easy beaten paths and move to nearby villages, or opt for three extraordinary routes in the snow. Then here are five ideas for cycling on snow in Abruzzo. Our itineraries start from Villa Maria Hotel & Spa in Francavilla al Mare.

Bike on Mountains in North Italy

Snow biking with fat bike in Veneto


The Dolomites are unique, which is why they are a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the peaks and sceneries around Alleghe are unbelievable.The best way to appreciate these skylines, it’s to place ourself at high altitude and on the opposite sides of the majestic peaks of Civetta and Pelmo. We start from Alleghe and after leaving the namesake lake, we begin the climb with our electric fatbikes, among lush woods and warm panoramic views. Tabià in larch and stone houses, are the first to welcome cyclists in the remote localities such as Bramezza (which has only one inhabitant), Caracoi Cimai and Caracoi Agoin (which have only a few more),all located on a natural balcony on Alleghe, with a view of the majestic snow-capped Civetta wall overlooking the emerald green lake. 



This itinerary runs on access roads to the remote villages, therefore without cars, and in the upper part up going to Bramezza is characterized by snow covered roads, without any passage of cars, if not the snowmobile of Costante, the only inhabitant of this characteristic village. Here we can breathe the history of the Serenissima Republic of Venice, when in the 15°-16° century the Turkish piracy prisoners of the Aegean sea, were confined to work on cutting trees destined for the navy or in the numerous metal mines of the valley. 

The descent with fatbikes, although safe and suitable for these routes, must be carried out with caution, also in order not to lose the views that appear along the way. We suggest to rely on a local guide who will give us the perfect advise based on snow conditions. There is also a variant, an easy path in the woods that leads back to the valley to reach the lake and Alleghe again.

Val di Zoldo

It is one of the most fascinating valleys in the Dolomites for the frame made by the surrounding mountains but also for the characteristic barns and rural architecture, now refurbished to houses, which create the image of the valley’s tradition and identity. From Pecol a short tour will take us in some characteristic localities through narrow streets, built for functional width and the simplicity to clear the snow for transit, and now welcome us as a nativity scene, with the typical stone houses and ancient larch barns. From here we enter the woods with a panoramic path rich of views of Mount Civetta and with the Pelmo. At the end, we cross the valley to enter in a comfortable road with beaten snow to reach,on the opposite side,  Baita Civetta refuge. Another short climb to reach a panoramic terrace with a incredible perspective of Monte Pelmo feeling like we can almost touch it. The sunset is beautiful when the ‘enrosadira phenomenon’  begins and the Dolomites turn in red shades.


Sennes / Fodara – Vedla

From Cortina d’Ampezzo through the Fiammes woods we reach Castel Uberto (the second option is to start directly from here in case of bad conditions) 

We proceed entering the Kingdom of Fanes, known as Fanes-Sennes-Braies Natural Park, to search the suggestive frozen waterfall. The route begins to climb through the woods along the military road that goes towards the Sennes pass. We go through the Malga Ra Stua refuge, then the Sennes, and finally we reach the suggestive plateau of “Fodara-Vedla”. Returning is along the same snow-beaten road, paying attention to some short steep sections. Make sure to have good fatbikes with suitable tires to perfectly tackle these routes in total safety and fun. Ready to go back to Cortina, the “Pearl of the Dolomites”, at the Cristallo Resort & Spa.


3 snow trails in South Tyrol

As guests of La Perla di Corvara we can use fat bikes to ride on easy beaten paths and move to nearby villages, or opt for three extraordinary routes in the snow.

Braies Lake

Dobbiaco is our starting point, easily reachable from any location in the Pusteria Valley, bringing our bike by ca, or  by train on the South Tyrolean lines, or we can rent it on site.

With snow equipped fatbikes we cycle in the beginning along the Val Pusteria bike route and from Villabassa we proceed  on  minor roads to reach some pleasant rural locations, getting slowly inside the valley that leads to Lake Braies. Along the way we come across numerous characteristic farms (masi),  symbols of of livestock farming in these places, switching from one slope to the other with many ups and downs that with our electric support allow us to fully enjoy South Tyrol  breathtaking scenario.Getting in an enchanting forest road, our Lake of Braies suddenly appears just below us, in a delightful and magical scenery, almost a step away from heaven! We can cross the frozen lake with our fat bikes and, depending on the snow conditions, descending with a path in the woods. Just a few kilometers to reach back the Val Pusteria Bike road and return to the starting point in Dobbiaco.

Val di Funes

Santa Maddalena church appears appears quite often as symbol in South Tyrol advertising. Val di Funes is an enchanted place, welcoming in all seasons, but in winter becomes even more charming.  We start climbing one of the many forest roads in green snowy pine forests to reach the edge of the wood. Above our heads the Odle, with the highest peak “La Furcheta” of over 3,000 meters. From here along a path, with a few very short stretches difficult to ride, we reach the splendid “Gampen Alm” mountain pasture, once again in a scenario dominated by the Odle. From here we go down an exciting descent with the possibility of deviating in some nice and simple trails to test our technical skills. While uphill each route is reserved and divided for every kind of activity (ski mountaineering, walking) the last stretch is common to all users with every equipment, so beware of sleds!



Alpe di Siusi

This is the outdoor paradise with a web of paths to be covered on foot, with snowshoes, by bicycle, which intersect and in some cases, use the ski slopes. You can start from Adler  Spa Resort Domomiti

Alpe di Siusi

Open environment with two Dolomite monuments: Sassolungo and Sciliar. Departure from Siusi by bicycle (but it is on road) or with a rope aid, with the cable car, up to Compatsc. A tour that surrounds the entire plateau, with perfectly beaten snow roads, in a continuous ups and downs that at each pass offers a different and electrifying panoramic view. At the Molignon refuge we can stop to recharge our fat bikes batteries. We follow on a nice descent on promiscuous stretch with skiers, sleds and bikers, all on the same downhill track. Still a few hundred meters of ascent to return to the starting point in Compatsc.

Contacts: Venice Bike Experience by Venetouring – info@venetouring.eu – tel. 342 5259080


Bike on mountains in Center Italy

In this winter with so much snow it is wonderful to pedal with fat bikes. Here are five ideas for cycling on snow in Abruzzo. Our itineraries start from Villa Maria Hotel & Spa in Francavilla al Mare.

Other fat bike suggestions here

 On the Majella

Starting from the coast, with just a 30’ transfer, we reach the Passolanciano / Majelletta area, to enjoy a view of the Blockhaus : the second peak of the central Apennines. Our bike tour on the snow with electric mountain bike runs among beech woods, pedaling on the paths within the Majella National Park, among unique sceneries and landscapes in a fairytale setting. The experience can be enriched with a stop in the numerous huts to taste the typical regional dishes. The itinerary through the Majella National Park, takes us in the Passolanciano / Majelletta ski area and in natural and historical sites represented by the stone huts and dry stone walls, registered in the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

 On the Rocche Plateau

Starting from the coast, with a transfer of about 60 ‘, we arrive at the Piani di Pezza on the Rocche Plateau. We are on a glacial and karst-alluvial plateau located right  in the Sirente – Velino regional natural park within the territory of the municipality of Rocca di Mezzo and the smaller municipality of Ovindoli. From the surrounding mountains we can enjoy the most beautiful and evocative views of the Abruzzo Apennines.

We can go through  the Capo Pezza ring and if possible, we can reach Lake Caporra, from here we come back  through the “dunes” of snow for new emotions. This itinerary runs through the Sirente-Velino Regional Park, within Ovindoli and Campo Felice sky areas. We are immersed in the natural beauty of the Monte Rotondo, Cisterna, Colle del Nibbio, Punta dell’Azzocchio, Cimata di Pezza and Cimata del Puzzillo mountains, all peaks over 2,000 meters, and to the west and south with Monte Velino peaks (Colle dell’Orso, Punta Trento, Punta Trieste, Costa della Tavola and Costone della Cerasa, all over 2,100 m).

On Campo Imperatore

Starting from the Adriatic coast, with a transfer of about 70 ‘, we will be totally immersed in nature, between the Sirente-Velino Regional Park and the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga National Park. This time we will arrive with our Ebike up to Campo Imperatore (2,100 meters above sea level) thanks to the ascent by cable car of the Gran Sasso, to admire the fantastic panorama under the impetuous Gran Sasso massif, the highest peak of the Apennines at 2,912 meters above sea level. At Campo Imperatore we make a short visit to the Museum of the Old Cableway Station before our ride downhill on the snow, in the uncontaminated plain of Campo Imperatore (called the small Italian Tibet), where Giro d’Italia did the arrival several times  . The itinerary winds through the Gran Sasso Monti della Laga National Park, within the Campo Imperatore ski area where the peaks are among the highest and most evocative in the Apennines: the Scindarella (2,233 m) and Monte Portella (2,385 m), with their spectacular glacial cirques; Corno Grande (m. 2,912), which dominates from the top of its four peaks and Monte Aquila (m. 2,494); the Dolomites Brancastello (2,385 m); Monte Prena (2,561 m) rich in canyons, and Monte Camicia (2,564 m).

Voltigno in the Gran Sasso Park

Starting from the Adriatic coast, with a transfer of about 50 ‘, we plan a round trip on the Voltigno, in the Gran Sasso Monti della Laga National Park, with a view of Monte Meta, through a beautiful beech forest until it touches the Voltigno, a karst plateau surrounded by beech woods where in spring is easy to find small natural lakes. Very interesting are the sinkholes where the water disappears underground and at this moment they are full of snow. The itinerary winds through the Gran Sasso Monti della Laga National Park, within an area dedicated to cross-country skiing on a dedicated ring, on a single path with a total elevation of 300 meters and of medium difficulty, which measures a total of 15 kilometres. It is a regional reserve called the Voltigno and Valle D’Agri part of the National Park.

Pantaniello Lake

Starting from the Adriatic coast, with a transfer of about 70 ‘, we arrive on Altopiani Maggiori di Abruzzo, a place of villages such as Rocca Pia, Pescocostanzo, Rivisondoli and a renowned ski resort such as Roccaraso. Starting from the split mountain we arrive in Lake Pantaniello Reserve, pedaling between soft ups and downs and meandering valleys descending on the shores of Lake Pantaniello. Totally snow-covered in the winter season with the blue reflections of the sky reflected in its waters and with Monte Greco and the Serra di Rocca Chiarano to act as a rocky frame for the solitary white desert, we ride  in the muffled silence of the snowy mountain, broken only by the sound of wheels in the snow. The itinerary winds entering and exiting the perimeter of the Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise National Park and the Monte Genzana Alto Gizio Regional Reserves and the Pantaniello Lake Reserve, reaching 1,818 m,  the second highest in the entire Apennines.

Guide: Bikelife live your passion Tour Operator – www.bikelife.it – tel: 340 5064506

Bike rental: Trabocchi Bianchi dealer cycling station – www.ciclostazionedeitrabocchi.it – tel: 351 7586262

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